Culinary Travels: 10 Food Market Destinations in the World

Farmers’ markets or food markets are the least likely spots that you can find on many travelers list of places to explore. And yet, they can be a treasure trove of sights and experiences, especially for anyone wishing to immerse a little bit more into the local culture. There is nothing like being in the midst of all the bustling activity inside a town or city’s public market to get a glimpse of the local food scene. From fresh produce and artisanal products to delicious cuisines and treats, the best food markets in the world have them.

Borough Market (London, UK)
Borough Market
Top reasons to go: Vast and teeming with fresh fruits, vegetables, and a wide array of food products. It is a great place to find not just the finest locally-grown produce, but also scrumptious selections of artisanal breads, cheeses, and gourmet treats among many others.

Cours Saleya (Nice, France)
Cours Saleya
Top reasons to go: Cours Saleya is colorful, vibrant, and with delicious smells permeating from all around. This bustling food market is a great place to stop not just for some shopping but also for some snack before or after enjoying some time at a nearby beach. Beautiful flowers, delicious treats like macarons, and fresh fruits and vegetables are just some of the many delightful items to find here. It is also a great place to find antiques, crafts, furniture, and more at certain days of the week.

Ferry Building Marketplace (San Francisco, California, USA)
Ferry Building Marketplace
Top reasons to go: Foodies’ haven with its great selection of foods. The surrounding scenery likewise makes for a pleasant trip here to shop for fresh produce or artisanal products or to simply enjoy a delicious meal or snack.

Kauppatori (Helsinki, Finland)
Top reasons to go: The Kauppatori or Market Square is a popular local and tourist food hub. Apart from its top culinary attractions that include traditional treats, this food market features a wide range of handicrafts and souvenirs.

La Boqueria (Barcelona, Spain)
La Boqueria
Top reasons to go: La Boqueria is a fitting place to get lost into if you are looking for a feast for the senses. This food market is one of the largest and most popular in Europe and deserves visit if you find yourself in Barcelona. It is busy and filled with so much life and activity not to mention the succulent food you can find all around you. There are numerous bars selling food and beverages. Some of the best finds here include cheeses, fruits, meats, sweet treats, and more.

Or Tor Kor Market (Bangkok, Thailand)
Or Tor Kor Market
Top reasons to go: Or Tor Kor Market prides itself for its cleanliness and quality of fresh produce. Some produce here may not be the cheapest compared with other public markets in Bangkok, but they certainly have it in spades in goodness. But for many tourists, Or Tor Kor Market’s selections of ready-to-eat foods are among its biggest draws. Visit to taste some traditional dishes or treats or to purchase some curry pastes to bring home with you.

Spice Bazaar (Istanbul, Turkey)
Spice Bazaar
Top reasons to go: Also known as the Egyptian Bazaar, Spice Bazaar is one of the biggest spice-centric markets in Istanbul. It offers a wide range of spices and other products like caviar, dried figs, hard Turkish cheese, Turkish delight, and a lot more!

St. Lawrence Market (Toronto, Canada)
St. Lawrence Market
Top reasons to go: St. Lawrence Market is a popular food market with over a hundred vendors selling a wide range of food products and treats. It has consistently been among many people’s top choices for best food markets in the world. It is teeming with the finest and freshest homegrown produce, homemade treats like pies, fresh breads, meat, and cheeses among many others.

Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo, Japan)
Tsukiji Fish Market
Top reasons to go: Few food markets can lay claim to the title of being a top tourist attraction in its own right. But Tsukiji Fish Market has managed to do that. This wholesale fish market is a constant buzz of activity with its tuna auctions among its most popular attractions. Its outer market area is brimming with shops and food stalls. Some of the must-try foods include the sushi breakfast.

Union Square Greenmarket (New York, USA)
Union Square Greenmarket
Top reasons to go: This bustling food market offers a wide array of products – from fresh locally-grown produce to delightful cheeses and meats. It is also a great place to shop for seasonal produce, handmade breads, and other treats.