Good Eats on the Road: Tips to Eating Right When Traveling

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International cuisines and treats are not so hard to come by nowadays. Most cities nowadays have a wide array of dining options that will give you a taste of food from around the world. But nothing beats the experience of tasting authentic traditional dishes in places where they come from. With eating so much a part of traveling, sticking to a good diet may seem like an impossible feat. Thankfully, there are ways to eat to your heart’s content while maintaining a fairly healthy diet. Since eating out is ubiquitous in traveling, here are some ways that make healthy eating easier to do.

1. Balance and nutrition. Restaurants and various food shops can bombard your senses with a wide array of temptations. Resist the impulse overindulging in delectable selections that you might want to try. If possible, have a healthy meal plan in mind before heading out to dine alone or with business colleagues. Keep your choices simple. Build meals around healthy fares like leafy green salads. Grilled lean meat with servings of vegetables is also a good alternative to anything fried. Eating plant-based proteins, wholesome starches, and healthy fats also keeps your meals balanced.

2. Pay attention to portion sizes. A healthy diet is not just about choosing the right foods. It also requires proper portion control. Check serving sizes before ordering at restaurants or buying packed foods from supermarkets or convenience stores. Avoid big meals or buffets, especially when dining alone. If you have no other choice, do not feel compelled to finish everything in your plate.

3. Go for healthier options. You can make some changes in your meals, if needed. Pass up on low-nutrient ingredients and instead ask for more nutritious options. Many restaurants go the extra mile to satisfy their guests and that include substituting certain ingredients. You can also make requests to have your food cooked a certain way to minimize empty calories. For instance, if a salad is served with battered and fried chicken strips, you can make a special request to forego the batter and have the meat grilled instead.

4. Cut back on sweetened drinks. Your drinks can make or break your healthy diet. Make sure to choose your beverages well. Water remains your best choice but that does not mean you cannot enjoy tasty drinks. If you want stimulating flavors, water infused with fresh fruits and other natural ingredients is an excellent choice. Organic and 100% fruit or vegetable chooses also make healthy drinks. Unsweetened green tea and other herbal teas are also better options. If you like coffee, cut back on sugar or artificial sweeteners. Skim milk and soymilk make good substitutes for whole milk if you want it for your coffee.

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