How to Spray-Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Professional


Give your fresh produce a clean and decorative home using a paint sprayer! Not all the food from your own garden or the farmer’s market should be stored in the refrigerator; sometimes they go to your kitchen drawers or cabinets. Here’s how you can bring color to the home of your freshest fruits and veggies:


First, you must take out the cabinet or drawer. You’re not going to paint in your kitchen! You’ll have to paint somewhere else for best results. Doing so will make you get that smooth surface you want. To do this step, unscrew the cabinet doors and drawers, remove their knobs, handles, and hinges, and place those parts separately in plastic bags. Label them so that you won’t get confused later on.


Make sure you remove all items first. The cabinets should also be free from grease. It should be clean from the inside out. To clean the cupboards, use warm water.


If there are some parts of the cabinets you don’t want to be painted, mask them with painter’s tape or sheet plastic. You can also do this if you want the cabinets to have more than just one color.



Next, lightly sand the surfaces of your cabinets and drawers using fine grit sandpaper on an orbital sander.


If there are some cracks or small holes in your cabinets and drawers, this is the ideal time to do some patching.


To avoid paint peeling, prime the cabinets.


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After wearing the right outfit (old clothes, gloves, shoes, and a mask to cover your nose and mouth), you’re now ready to paint using your reliable paint sprayer. It’s important to note that the prime coat should have been entirely dried before you do this part. Now, spray your first color coating patiently and carefully. You don’t want drips and splatter. After four hours or when the first coat has dried up, do the second coat again. If you’re not contented, you can always coat more than twice.

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Return everything


After everything has dried up, screw back the parts of the cabinets or drawers that you removed earlier then return them to where they were in your kitchen. Make sure they don’t smell like paint before you store fresh produce. To be safe, because we’re talking about two, give the pain 24-48 hours to dry completely and get rid of the new paint smell.

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